Karma Points

What are they?
Karma Points (KP) are part of a reward system meant to encourage players to do those things which make the game more fun for everyone. They are handed out by the DMs and collected by players, not characters.

How do I get them?
Short answer: be cool; long answer:
  • DM a session: 3 KP
  • Create a character in a new role: 1 KP
  • Update iPlay4E upon leveling: 1 KP
  • Write a session log : 1 KP1
    • In prose (vs. point-form): +1 KP
    • In character: +1 KP
  • Host and/or bring food/drink to share: 1 KP1
  • Do something awesome-cool and make the game more fun for everyone (DM’s prerogative): 1-3 KP

1 Can only be claimed once per session.

What do I do with them?
First, the boring stuff: the participating player with the fewest karma points at the end of any session must write a session log for that particular session. This can be a simple point-form list of what happened. These log entries will serve to keep every player on top of campaign developments.

But, wait! That’s not all!

You can also use your karma points to buy Bounties. These special, one-use powers can be purchased during any rest period. Each player can only hold one bounty at a time and there can only be one copy of any bounty at a table at a time. Don’t worry, we’ll have shiny power cards. Here’s a short list of the bounties and their cost. Visit the bounties page for more details.

Karma Points

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