Special Commander Alcyon

Gritty no-nonsense hero of the first transposition


Before the first transposition, many would have jokingly said that then-watch captain Alcyon had been unburdened by the gift of imagination, but her actions during this stressful event have earned her commendations from both King Boranel and the People’s Parliament. When the guard commander, convinced that the apocalypse had begun and that the Dragon Below had finally claimed Cragwar, started hunting down all non-humans and organizing sacrifices, Alcyon quickly put him down and kept order in the city by keeping the citizenry focused on its immediate needs. It is now widely accepted that it is her very down-to-earthness which made her the perfect leader for such an unprecedented event. In light of her experience, she was given a special commission effectively making her guard commander during the transposition.

The commander’s literal mindedness is nigh-pathological. She is unable to lie or even use a metaphor and she is, at best, uncomfortable with simile. Unfortunately for bards and chroniclers, the special commander’s position has given her a great many opportunity to name features surrounding Cragwar. “Elsewhere”, “the Peak”, “the Warehouse” and “the Crater” can all be attributed to her particular brand of genius.

Special Commander Alcyon

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