Portian Astibol

The Guild's Record Keeper


Some people would describe Portian Astibol as a petty bureaucrat, however others have argued that this is unfair to both bureaucrats and petty people in general.

The irascible little gnome accepted the position of record keeper for the Guild, keeping track of the adventurers’ various finding and their buyers as well as enforcing what few membership requirements the crown has imposed (patrol rotations, public service and dues), without a full understanding of what awaited him on the other side. It turns out that the already querulous official has no tolerance for humidity. The tropical climate and the unruly state of affairs in the guild hall have only exacerbated his paper shuffling tendency.

Be that as it may, he appears to have Special Commander Alcyon’s full confidence. She’s been known to say that if a fact has been recorded anywhere, Portian can find it. In light of the commander’s condition, this is high praise indeed.

Portian Astibol

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