Lady Arya

Owner of Lady Arya's Gentlemen's Club and Burlesque Revue


Lady Arya, owner of Cragwar’s most renowned gentlemen’s club, is considered old even by her long-lived brethren. It is said she was already old when she broke her ties from House Phiarlan, following the events of the Shadow Schism. It is unclear today under what capacity she served the house, but she has claimed on more than one occasion that it is those experiences which prepared her for managing her own establishment. She has a certain patrician beauty, but no one would mistake her for one of her courtesans. All agree that it is her wit and her strong personality which makes her such an accomplished hostess.

Rumours abound that she was more than an entertainer for her house. Some say that she received visits from important members of the house and spent hours discussing matters in private with them. She claims these visits were simply acts of courtesy towards an elderly relative. Whatever the case may be, in the past 25 years, she and her staff have never been linked to any of the city’s intrigue.

Lady Arya

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