Giallo d'Medani

Enigmatic Seer


Giallo d’Medani is the only member of his mysterious house in Cragwar. In fact, rumours suggest that an edict from Baron Trelib d’Medani bars any other members of the house from being in the city while it is transposed. If anyone knows whether the old half-elf is here with the house’s blessing or in defiance, they are keeping it quiet. What everyone can agree on is that he searching for something important. His few interactions with the Guild usually begin with him barging into the common room, hiring a group to scout out some coordinates and disappearing until their return. His leads have yet to lead to any major finds, but he nonetheless pays steady wages.

At rest, when he believes himself unobserved, Giallo d’Medani looks at best like a man haunted and, at worst, like a man hunted.

Giallo d'Medani

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