“All throughout the Last War, the people of Cragwar wished and prayed that their city were anywhere but the front line. How could they know someone was listening.”
Pondiff Sarband, Cleric of the Traveller

On the fifth day of Nymm, 997 YK, the city of Cragwar disappeared from the land, leaving nary a trace behind.

On the sixth day, King Boranel rerouted Argonth, the floating fortress, to secure the area while his Citadel investigated.

On the tenth day, House Medani made the following declaration: “The uprooting ends with the reaping, but Cragwar will forevermore flee the wheat.”

Ninety days, later, the city returned, its population decimated, carrying more questions than answers.

Forewarned of the upcoming transposition, King Boranel founded a Guild of Most Magnificent Trailblazers and Prospectors to explore and tame Elsewhere.

Will you join the Guild?


At it’s simplest, the Summer Campaign is a 4E D&D campaign, nominally set in Eberron. That is, the political and social organizations as well as the characters’ shared history are those of Khorvaire shortly after the Last War, but the actual place is unknown and to the best of anyone’s knowledge, nowhere on the known continents.

In it, you will take the role of adventurers who’ve come to the city of Cragwar for the Transposition. Whatever your motivation, hidden riches, the thrill of exploration or the ultimate disappearing trick, it awaits you Elsewhere.

Here’s where it gets different.

We want to create a pool more than 10 players, ideally at least 20 to get a critical mass. Additionally, every player is invited, not expected, to run his or her own adventures.

It would be ridiculous to attempt to create a schedule for such a large group of adult players, so instead we’ll rely on critical mass to provide continuous momentum. Just as Giallo d’Medani might put out a call for guilders, so will a DM put out a call for players and just as guilders might decide to undertake one of the jobs on the Guild’s board, so can groups of players put out a call for a DM.

This final aspect is what brings the Summer Campaign beyond being simply a new setting. A little like in the living campaigns run by the RPGA, the actions of some of the players will have repercussions on the world for all the players. Except in this the Summer Campaign, the repercussions will be far more immediate. For example, say group A kills Special Commander Alcyon1, that NPC will be unavailable for all players from that moment on and everyone might find that security in Cragwar has been tightened… And maybe there’ll be a new wanted posting on the guild’s board.

1 Please don’t kill Special Commander Alcyon.

The Summer Campaign